Special glass:

Effect Glass Company has also in its offer glazing units in combinations with a special glass in order to meet customers' requirements.

The special glass offer includes:

  • Chilled glass,
  • Tempered and non-tempered glass with anti-reflective (AR) layer (click to download the leaflet)
  • Bullet-proof glass,
  • Fire-resistant glass (E, EI classes),
  • Enamel glass,
  • Glass with holes and notches,
  • Decorative glass with screen printing,
  • Curved glass.
Accessories for Effector glazing:

Spacers between panes are an essential element in the production of glazing combines the inner and outer panes. Glass Effect offers the following types:

  • aluminum spacer with thickness 6 – 24 mm,
  • galvanized steel spacer with thickness 10 - 18 mm,
  • stainless steel spacer with thickness 10 – 16 mm,
  • plastic spacer SWISSPACER with thickness 8 - 18 mm,
  • spacers painted in any RAL colour – available on client’s request.

* Standard spacer thickness: 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm.
* Non-standard spacer thickness: 6 mm, 8 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm.

The use of low-emission glass and filling space between panes with noble gas will increase the thermal insulation glazing, but the edges are separated and combined with materials of much higher thermal conductivity. This creates a thermal bridge that allows the flow of energy from warn internal pane to cold external pane, which may result in condensation of water vapor on the glass surface, especially in areas with very high humidity. In order to solve this problem one started searching for new technologies and new materials that help to get spacer with a reduced thermal conductivity. In this way, one obtained a new solution generally called "swisspacer".

In contrast to the commonly used metal spacers, swisspacer can be made ​​of high quality organic materials, thermally optimized, reinforced with glass fiber, taped on the outer side with an extremely thin foil of stainless steel or aluminum. Foil provides good adhesion of sealants fixing glazing, and thus provides a hermetical sealant against gas filling space between panes, as well as water vapor. This ensures that basic function of modern windows - thermal insulation.

Bar between panes:

Bar between panes is a popular method of decorating windows by dividing the surface of the glass into smaller fields. Effect Glass offer includes profiles of various widths, in a wide range of RAL colors, veneered with similar wood foil and "Vienna" bars - imitating the spacer.

Lead 8 mm Old gold 8 mm Gold 8 mm
Gold 18 mm White 8 mm White 18 mm E
White 26 mm E RAL 8014 RAL 8017
RAL 8022 Light oak Gold oak
Gold oak / White Medium oak Swamp oak
Mahogany REN. 2178001 18 mm REN. 2178007 18 mm
REN. 3162002 18 mm REN. 2052089 18 mm White / REN. 2052090 18 mm
White / REN. 2178001 26 mm White / REN. 2178007 26 mm DUPLEX 24

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