Laminated panes:

Effector Lamino Effect laminated panes – panes which, depending on the construction, provide the various functions - protect against burglary, reduce the risk of injury from shattered glass in case of breakdown and the risk of falling out, and due to the fact that the standard pane, which provides a protective function, is thicker than the other pane in the set, and includes PVB foils having certain muffling properties, Effector Lamino Effect panes characterized with better protection parameters against noise. Furthermore, Lamino Effect filters most UV rays, which allows for maximum protection of all components exposed to sunlight.

In order to join Effector Lamino Effect panes the laminated glass is used (the norm PN-EN ISO 12543-1,2,3,4,5,6 "Compound glass and compound safety glass"), which consists of two or more sheets combined with each other with one or more PVB foil (poly-vinyl-butyral). This process takes place in an autoclave at about 115 ° C and pressure of about 10 at. Earlier during sheet preparation for gluing it is necessary to pump out the air from the space between panes where PVB foil is already put.

Laminated glass characteristics:

  • in case of glass breakage, PVB foil or foils stop fragments of glass in place,
  • varying the number and thickness of each layer, laminated glass with different physical properties is obtained,
  • PVB foil can be colorless, milky or colored in some cases, it is also possible to laminate printings or graphics between panes.

Effector Lamino Effect panes functions:


depending on the construction of laminated pane included in Effector Lamino Effect glazing has appropriate security class, which is defined by the norm PN-EN 356 by determining the endurance test that pane has to go through to gain the class. The test is carried out one or more times hitting a steel ball (3 - fold) weighing 4.11 kg falling freely from a specified height (1.5 m to 9 m) on the tested glass (1100 x 900 mm) placed horizontally. The combined hit points form an equilateral triangle with 13 cm sides. Height of drop varies depending on the class of glass. Even after the third hit ball should not break the glass.

P1A 3 ball hits in triangle - 1,5 m height not broken
P2A 3 ball hits in triangle - 3 m height not broken
3 ball hits in triangle - 6 m height not broken
P4A 3 ball hits in triangle - 9 m height not broken
P5A 3x3 ball hits in triangle - 9 m height not broken

P5 Class – is the same test as for classes P1 to P4, repeated three times from height of 9 m. Even after the ninth ball hit glass should not be broken.

P6 to P8 Classes - sample glass vertically positioned copes with the impact of mechanism with appropriate weight equipped with an ax and a hammer to create a hole of 40 x 40 cm, commonly accepted as allowing the passage of man. Number of hits needed to complete the hole determines the class of safety glass.

P6A ax and hammer, from 30 to 50 hits Hole 40 x 40 cm not created
P7A ax and hammer, from 51 to 70 hits Hole 40 x 40 cm not created
ax and hammer, above 71 hits Hole 40 x 40 cm not created

Through the use of Effector Lamino Effect panes safety of flat, goods and people in it can be ensured, such glazing installation is really able to delay action and thereby discourage aggressors. In the case of attempted theft or burglary, glazing leaves enough time for an intervention or an alarm activation. It also allows to avoid the necessity to draw blinds for a short time away. It reduces the risk of injury in case of accidental hit.


in case of accidental breakage laminated glass in Effector Lamino Effect pane guarantees support of glass wall in place and coherence of its elements, in order to avoid risk of injury, especially in the case of fall. The use of this protection is often obligatory (public bodies, schools, kindergartens, motor vehicles), it is also justified in residential buildings in order to ensure the safety of residents.


in contemporary architecture more and more importance is attached to a glass roof that allows for optical facilities enlargement, better use of sunlight, increasing comfort and aesthetic values of interior design. Veranda would be an example here, a place where you can safely enjoy the sun, not being exposed to the wind and cold. Roof glass must therefore comply with the requirements concerning safety, thermal insulation and sun protection. If an object falls on the glass roof, glass stops it and does not allow glass elements falling on people.


due to its size, methods of installation, supporting elements, strictly conforming to the requirements and applicable regulations, the glass ensures structural stability in case of breakdown and stop the pressure forces on the glass element. Glass can be used to produce elements under window, protective rails and glass walls.

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