Soundproof panes:

While living in a noisy city it is worth investing in protection against noise. Soundproof panes Effector relax Effect in the windows are one way of coping with the tumult of the streets, the sounds of trains, cars, airplanes, playing children, etc.

Acoustic properties of the window, its ability to reduce noise, have a significant impact on the development of appropriate and comfortable environment for occupants of the building data. An important element in the improvement of sound insulation is the appropriate choice of window glazing. The measure of acoustic glazing is Rw weighted sound reduction index. It is determined with research in acoustical laboratories accredited in accordance with the applicable standards for determining the noise reduction of various spectral bands from 100 to 3150 Hz. Glazing used in construction can achieve the sound insulation Rw> 50dB. This effect can be achieved in several ways:

  • use of at least one glass tile with high density surface (e.g. glass 6 mm or thicker) - generally the larger total thickness of glass in glazing, the better the acoustic insulation is respectively,
  • glass sheets of varying elasticity - properties of sound tumult laminated glass (safety) is used here,
  • variety of glass thickness, the effect of tumult improving is obtained when the two glass sheets differs from thicknesses of at least 50% (e.g. 4 mm float glass + 6 mm float glass). It is thus possible to obtain improved tumult of 2-5 dB. It is one of the cheapest ways to improve the acoustic properties of glazing,
  • hard gas as fillment of space between panes.

Filling space between panes with argon does not affect the acoustic properties of the pane. Installation way of pane does not change the sound insulation, for example, in set 44.4/16/4 laminated (burglary) glass can be installed either as an external or an internal one.

Examples of triple glazing soundproof panes Effector Relax Effect offered by Effect Glass:

Glazing construction Insulation index
Glazing thickness
Heat transfer coefficient Ug
6/12/4/12/4 36 38 0,7
44.2/12/4/12/4 37 41 0,7
8/12/4/12/6 39 42 0,7
8/12/4/12/44.1 silance 45 44 0,7
44.1silance/12/4/12/44.1silance 47 44 0,7
44.2/18/4/16/6 42 53 0,5
44.2/18/4/16/44.1 42 55 0,5
44.1silance /14/4/14/6 42 46 0,6

Soundproof panes Effector relax Effect can be used in all types of woodwork. The use of specific pane is dependent on the nature of the noise to be muffled. Some pane is used for example to muffle slow-moving train sounds, another pane is used to muffle traffic sounds, and yet another to glass facade and the windows of buildings or houses located in areas of high noise intensity (shopping streets, highways, neighborhood stations, airports, etc.) and especially threatened with vandalism.

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