Decorative panes:

Ornamental glass used in the decorative panes Effector beauty Effect is a glass of reduced transparency resulting from the scattering of light rays on the patterned surface. It has wide application because of its functionality and decorative characteristics in residential and industrial constructions such as glass partitions and doors in various public places as well as in insulation sets. A wide range of designs and colors allows architects and users to feel free in space formation both in residential and industrial constructions. Ornamental glass is produced by continuous rolling, one of the rollers has a pattern which is then embossed on the glass surface. The effect of partial disguise or darkening is obtained by using the glass can be achieved by staining of glass mass in a brown color, or by selecting more or less discrete pattern. The light reaching the ornamental glass is partly reflected and partly dispersed, and it determines the shape and size of ornament pattern. The interrelationship between these two phenomena affect the observed degree of flicker and blackouts. Ornamental glass usually transmits only slightly less light than clear glass.


  • The possibility of obtaining a variety of lighting effects and varying degrees of shade.
  • Five levels of privacy defined from 1 (least covering) to 5 (most covering).
  • Wide range of offered designs.
  • Unique decorative values.

Decorative panes:


Master Point

White Sand Delta

White Chinchila

Brown Chinchila



Colourless Altdeutsch

Master Ray

Master Lens

Master Ligne

Master Carre

Brown Kora

White Kora

White Niagara

White Kura


Sand Flutes

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