Fourfold glazing unit

Recent years have shown what great importance is given to reduce heating costs, and thus reduce emissions of heat from the rooms. Producers of base glasses as well as companies manufacturing glazing offer lower and lower heat transfer coefficients. Historically, single glazing was produced of glass without coatings, obtaining U = 3.0, then triple glazing units were produced of such glasses, single glazing units of hard low-emission coated glass, and then soft one to the present day when triple glazing units with soft coating, filled with noble gases thereby achieving the heat transfer coefficient U of 0.7, 0.6 or 0.5 W/m2*K are used more commonly. One can, of course, goes even further, reaching a U-coefficient of 0.4 but it is associated with an additional chamber in glazing. So there are fourfold glazing units that are already in our offer.

We produce glazing with a total width of 58 mm, with the necessity of hardening of some glass in order to achieve this parameter.

Hardening process is performed in technology with an air bag, rather than traditional ceramic rollers so that we can eliminate glass distortion after thermal treatment.

It is known that the parameters improvement is not free of cost. While double glazing unit weighs 20 kg / m, triple glazing unit already weighs 40 kg / m2. The amount of light that is transmitted to the interior is also of great importance, i.e. Lt parameter expressed as a percentage. Effect Glass offers fourfold glazing units with Lt coefficient raised by about 8% with reference to panes with standard low-emission coatings. There are no obstacles to the use safe, burglary or other solar glass in such units. Undoubtedly, this type panes will be found in windows manufactured for passive houses.

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