Quality Policy:

Quality Management Policy of EFFECT GLASS SA

Quality Policy in EFFECT GLASS SA results from long-term business development strategy, which aims to maintain a strong and stable position in the market among glazing units producers and strengthening of the opinion of responsible and reliable partner in business, who takes into account the needs of its customers, employees and society in pursuit of profit.

The main directions of the quality objectives are:

  • striving to increase customer satisfaction through a systemic approach to quality and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System according to the norm PN - EN ISO 9001:2009;
  • monitoring and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and finding new solutions to meet the needs and expectations of customers, while meeting the applicable legal and other requirements, thereby enhancing confidence in Effector brand, which endorses our products;
  • transferring quality management policy tasks for all organizational units of EFFECT GLASS SA, in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of operations;
  • improving customer relationships through continuous improvement of products, timely delivery and professional service;
  • improving relationships with glass suppliers through a position of a reliable partner development;;
  • improving the skills of our employees, through systematic training, to ensure product quality and increasing efficiency of production processes;
  • implementation of the principle that all employees are responsible for the quality, from the Company Chairman, and ending with the simplest operations of the contractor;
  • development of the belief among all workers that the responsibility for quality is synonymous with responsibility for the company.

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