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On 22 June 2011 the company so far operated under the name EFFECTOR II SA changed its name to EFFECT GLASS SA and introduced a new visual identity system. EFFECTOR II SA Company was established in September 2007 and was separated as a separate and independent legal entity from EFFECTOR SA Company, from which it all began...

In response to still increasing market demand, and by consistently pursued a development strategy in 1995 in Kielce EFFECTOR SA (initially operated only in Włoszczowa and engaged in manufacturing aluminum drip gutter to wooden windows) opened a second plant specializing in manufacturing construction glass and glazing units production. Nowadays the plant has one of the most modern machinery for the production of glazing units in Poland, based on advanced technical solutions of Austrian company PETER LISEC. In 2002, the Glazing Production Plant in Kielce was enriched with another line for glass cutting, fully automatic line for joining and the latest generation of molecular sieve device and spacer bending machine. They enable the processing of both aluminum profiles, as well as "hot spacers" made ​​of steel and plastic. In early 2003 new production hall of an area of ​​nearly 2000 m2 also started operating. In September 2006, in Starogard Gdański the plant was established to serve customers in the northern Poland.

In 2011, Effect Glass Company, beyond the construction of another production hall, was also enriched by the device for glass hardening in the most modern technology - the LISEC brand. During the glass hardening process, glass sheet is based on the air bag at a right angle (not on the rolls, as in a traditional oven), so that a rippling effect of glass, which distorts the image, can be offset. Equipment for glass cutting and treatment with water flow - waterjet, which allows finishing the edges of the glass with many possibilities, was purchased as well.

EFFECT GLASS SA. has an innovative, integrated computer system that supports all areas of a plant operation, starting from the order, through the entire production cycle, and ending with the packaging and shipping of finished products. Constantly expanded and modernized own transport fleet, which now already exceeds the number 150 vehicles, is equipped with lift trucks and hds unloading system. Developed vehicle fleet in conjunction with the type of packaging and panes identification have become a showcase of the company EFFECT GLASS SA.

Thanks to the production process automatisation, highly qualified staff and referencing only the best, proven suppliers present production capacity of both plants exceed ten thousand pieces of glazing a day. Maximum size of produced panes is 2700 x 5000 mm. In terms of production volume and timing of implementation it allows meeting expectations of even the most demanding Customers.

EFFECT GLASS S.A. uses glass of the world's most reputable companies for manufacture: PILKINGTON, SAINT-GOBAIN, GUARDIAN, AGC. Suppliers of sealants are: FENZI, TENACHEM, of molecular sieve: CECA Company, distance profiles: ALUPROF and SAINT GOBAIN. The companies HELIMA and ECO IN are suppliers of bars between panes. All major suppliers have implemented quality systems ISO 9000.

Products manufactured by EFFECT GLASS are Effector brand and have all the required certificates and relevant test certificates of the Institute of Glass and Ceramics, a confirmation of their high quality and reliable customer service is the Certificate of Quality Management System according to PN - EN ISO 9001:2009.


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