The objective of Effect Glass is to satisfy the Customer with the products and services rendered to their benefit of the Company.


The company makes endeavors to increase a level of satisfaction of the customers by a systemic approach to quality and a continuous improvement of the effectivity of the Quality Management System, according to the PN - EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard.


The quality of the products of Effect Glass is specified by a professionalism and a long-term experience of the company’s employees, a successive improvement of the Customer Service, a cooperation with the proven suppliers and the modern technologies applied by the Company.


Monitoring and the constant improvement of the production processes of the goods and searching for the new solutions in order to fulfil the needs and expectations of the customers, while at the same time meeting the applicable legal requirements and the other requirements, therefore deepening the trust of the Effector brand by which we mark our products.


The continuous improvement of the Effect Glass employees’ qualifications due to the regular trainings in order to ensure the goods quality and to increase effectivity of the production processes.

Polityka jakości

An operational implementation of the rule that all employees are responsible for quality, beginning from the President of the Company and ending up with the maker of the simplest operation and a popularisation of the belief that the responsibility for quality is tantamount to the responsibility for the company.