WATERJET - glass cutting by means of a very high-pressure jet of water

The technology of cutting by a water jet under a high pressure is a modern and universal method of treatment of most materials, in that also the glass. In consists in generating the concentrated energy of a water jet under a high pressure (max. 3800 bar) together with an abrasive material. This method is characterised by a lack of the thermal, mechanical and chemical loads of the treated material. The cutting is smooth and its accuracy reaches +/- 0.1 mm.

Advantages of the WATERJET cutting:

  • high quality of cut edge, (in many cases there is no need to provide further finishing treatment),
  • a possibility of cutting out the holes of any shape,
  • a minimum diameter of the cut hole is of 3 mm,
  • natural materials are used for the treatment,
  • the method is environmentally friendly,
  • the method is cheap and flexible,
  • it allows for optimising a use of the material.

    A scope of the glass thickness
    Minimum dimensions of the glass
    Maximum dimensions of the glass
    2 - 12 180 × 550 2696 × 4996

Grinding the glass edges:

  • a possiblity to provide a treatment of the glass edges: grinding and polishing
trapezoidal cut of the glass - (stright with the slightly chamfered edges)
  • internal grinding above a diameter of 20mm,

Polishing of the edges:

  • internal polishing above a diameter of 30mm,