EffectGlass as an employer

The holidays-related packages and the gift vouchers for the holidays constitute the benefit appreciated by the employees, who due to them decrease their expenditures related directly to the holidays and therefore they may assign these financial resources to the additional holidays-related attractions.

An important element of the benefit policy in the EFFECT GLASS company is care for a status of the persons employed in our company and their families, which is reflected in the allowances, to which the employees are entitled in the difficult random situations. Furthermore, we make attempts to make the employees interested in the physical activity by an implementation of the co-financed Multisport cards that enable to use the sport facilities.

In Effect Glass we remember about the team-building activities, which increase the work effectivity and communication at work, and additionally have an impact of creating a permanent organizational culture of our enterprise (e.g., team-building activities, family picnics, etc.). Due to these meetings a level of the personal and professional satisfaction increases, we better get to know our colleagues not only from the concerned department.


Professional development

The programme related to the care for the employees is created around the values (inspiration, high ethical level, openness, team work) and our believes. It is essential for us to observe and protect the rights of the employees.

The programme related to the care for the employees also underlines a plan of the personal and professional skills of each employee, at the same time creating a motivating work environment. We are aware that a basic precondition of the success constitutes the qualified employees. Therefore, we invest in extending their professional qualifications and the work safety.

Internships and apprenticeships

The young people appreciate a possibility of acquiring the quite new experiences and skills in our company. They can realise the complex responsibilities according to their authorial idea at our company. The Effect Glass realises the holiday student internships.